Practice Areas, including legal litigation

General Civil Litigation

The firm represents individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations in general civil litigation in state and federal courts. The firm principally engages in commercial litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants; on certain occasions, the firm may represent plaintiffs in personal injury/wrongful death cases.

Opioid Epidemic Litigation

The firm represents individuals and governmental entities in civil litigation against opioid manufacturers, distributors, prescribers and dispensers (pharmacies).

Real Estate

The firm represents individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations regarding general real estate matters. The firm represents property management companies, owners, developers, construction companies, sellers, buyers, investors and lenders in a broad range of real estate transactions, including apartment complexes, condominiums, retail, commercial, industrial, mixed-use and raw land.

General Corporate

The firm represents partners, shareholders, members, officers, directors, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations regarding a broad range of general corporate governance matters.

Further, due in large part to COVID-19, today’s business landscape has drastically changed. More and more remote startups, free lancers, solos and small businesses are coming online, each with unique business and legal needs. We are well-suited to assist these entrepreneurial clients address those needs.

Medicinal Marijuana

The firm represents successful processing, dispensary and laboratory testing applicants in the medicinal marijuana industry in Missouri, Illinois, California, and Maryland. Services include corporate structure, license application process, site selection and general regulatory compliance.

Intellectual Property

The firm assists clients with their intellectual property legal needs. Services include trademark searches, trademark application filings, and litigation and other mark enforcement needs.

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